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On 11/1/99 9:59:28 PM, bobsheridan wrote:
>I'll tell you the opposite of
>getting carded, which as you
>know you hate when you're
>young and love when you're
>more mature. It's when you go
>into someplace, like a certain
>carwash I know, and the young
>tomato with the long hair and
>big smile, and asks, "Sir, are
>you eligible for the Senior
>Citizen's discount?"
>I always tell her if she has
>to ask I think I'm entitled,
>cause my driver's license
>makes me out to be a few years
>younger than what they call
>senior. Hell, I'd rather pay
>the extra couplabucks.

Usta get carded for drinks well into my 30's. Now, I get asked if I qualify for the senior citizen discount. In a lotta places I do qualify. Still haven't figured out if that's good or bad.

I have in my head that the crossover point to old age is 60. 59 and below you're still middle-aged. I make the crossover the end of this month. Oh well. Guess I oughta be happy I made it this far (and still goin' strong - I think).


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