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I'm glad we clarified that. I did not want to think that what I said could have been taken as a challenge to anything you said. I just found myself "involuntarily" weaving in my neighbors. Maybe that was because I took the time to carefully read the tract this morning at breakfast.

I thought of sending it back with a note explaining that we could not accept it because only one of the beads was "CLEAN."

And clearly we didn't want any dirty black beads either!

I hope my feeling that this Christian tract had "racist" overtones was not something that came up inside of me.

I have some unusual beliefs. One of them is about the parable of the "eye of the needle." You know the one REAL Christians like to quote when they are trying to say that they are the ONLY one's that will go through.

Well, I think about it a lot. If there were an anthropomorphic God and I doubt there is (ie man creates God in his image. We don't really know what God looks like) he would probably say he loves all of mankind, not just one group located in one sector of the globe in a segregated community isolated from all the others. He loves them ALL.

So how do we generate a 'treasured' minority to be the few that go through the "eye of the needle"? Well, I think those few are the people like Jesus and Ghandi who can show love for their fellow man that is limited by no racial, ethnic, religious or geographic boundaries.

If you think about it. There are really very few people with that magnitude of love and tolerance, and a whole lot more of the kinds who would isolate themselves lest they become contaminated by any persons or ideas that may seem different.


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