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Art....I'm sorry. I truly do apologize. I didn't mean to imply that I thought you were saying you were perfect. Heck! Lord knows that none of us are perfect. I understood that you were saying that you were Healed! Really! I suppose to some degree though I did misinterpret your post. I thought that you were saying that just because people have on occasion ~fallen from grace~ while professing to be ~Spiritually~ enlightened...that they were not. I was essentially trying to say that to err is human...but...EEK! Your neighbors fall into a whole different category.

Where do I start with them? O.k.! to begin with...let me just say that I most certainly understand your "quandary" about them and who they are and who they SAY that they are! I understand it perfectly! Are you kidding!!! In your heart of hearts you know as well as I do that regardless of WHAT they say....or how they label themselves....those people are NOT Christians. They're not even CLOSE! Unfortunately I too have come in contact with families with profiles similar to the one that you've described and believe me when I tell you....I find them down right scary.

Let's be honest Art, a fanatic of ANY TYPE, in ANY out of bounds with what a healthy state of being is....and we both know that. That's what I was trying to intimate when I mentioned "addressing" something as opposed to "judging" it.

My saying that those people are NOT Christians was not a judgement. It is by virtue of what a Christian is that they are not so....and...I was merely "addressing" that fact for clarity in the conversation. What they ARE though is an abberation of Christianity.

A more scary abberation is hard to come by too!

Christianity....or the "Christ Consciousness" is one of PURE, TOTAL and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Those who discriminate...are not showing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Those who "punish" (in any way) are not showing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE....they're showing POWER. Christianity is about LOVE ....not least not EXTERNAL POWER. It is however about becoming a tower of strength within.

Now, as parents we both know that in the course of that parenting there will be occasions where we need to TEACH our children something. That's a given. BUT.....corporal punishment or any other kind of cruelty for that matter, is NOT the way to teach it. As former children ourselves and fellow human beings, not to mention the other hats we wear, we both know darned well that the best way to get a "lesson" across is with LOVE. Have you ever learned anything that was taught to you with cruelty? I know you didn't. I know that because I know haven't either. Soooo How does one teach a lesson WITHOUT cruelty some ask! Well, it's with FAITH. That's done with the insitution of a TIME OUT to give the child in question TIME to do some reflecting and come to their own realizations about their behavior. It's FAITH that they will!!! Any other sanctions that parents take (such as no TV or not being allowed to go over a friends house and that kind of thing) are not done as an extended Time Out for the children that missed the lesson with Time Out Stage 1 *LOL*...but the important part is that they're all done WITH LOVE!!!!!!!!

As for your neighbors "finding it".....well...they certainly did seem to find something alright....but it MOST DEFINETELY wasn't Christianity......

Ohhh No! It WAS NOT Christianity!


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