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On 11/2/99 11:39:39 AM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>....well...I personally would
>be really careful about that
>part. IF one were to have
>supreme knowlege of what's in
>each and every other ~*Heart
>and Soul*~ and be the Master
>of all JUDGES AND see unpurity
>there...well...then I suppose
>you'd be correct...but I've
>yet to meet any ONE person
>with that ability. Isn't
>looking at everyone else and
>presuming to "know" what their
>intentions are ....the exact
>opposite of going Inward?????


I agree. I didn't say I was PERFECT. Healed maybe, but not perfect. I analyzed why maybe I put that in. I suppose the little tract along with a beaded bracelet my CHRISTIAN neighbors passed out on Halloween got me going. The father is an executive with a local Christian TV station.

He uses a wooden spoon to affect discipline in his children. He forbade them to play with my daughter because we are not "Christian" enough; and, they home school because the local public schools are not Christian enough.

The leather thong bracelet they handed out to trick-or-treaters had a black, red, white, green and gold bead. The tract included reference to the colors of these beads this way. Black represented all the BAD things of life like sin or not being saved, Red represented Christ, the word White wasn't used for that bead, CLEAN was used instead, Green represented God in Nature, and Gold represented the reward of heaven. Now, my imagination got to work on why Black was bad and White was clean. What were they implying through this use of language.

They discriminate among neighbors severely according to their judgement about the "others" degree of Christianity. They choose to home-school to give their children a "Christian" education rather than allow them to go to the excellent local schools which are also remarkably diverse, in many ways including race and religion. And, finally they yell and hit their kids and the kids have said ugly things to neighbors and even stole from a neighboring church. There is something wrong here that their screaming bumper sticker (I found it!!!) cannot erase from my mind.

When I used the phrase "I found it!" in my post, I got momentarily embarrassed because I did not want anyone to think I was using it the way my neighbor's bumper sticker did.

Please excuse me if my subtle inclusion of this judgmental emotion in my last post may have seemed confusing. I am just in a quandary about the extreme contrast I see between the behavior of these neighbors and what I regard as a Christian ideal.


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