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Ohhhhh Really! I don't think so!!!

Liar Liar Skirt On Fire! That's not true at all! I really was THINKING about showing it to you! that I know the REAL caliber of your character *LOL*...I'M NOT going to!!!!! *Donna tosses her hair over her shoulder*

Now, regarding already having a copy of said picture and the supposed "PRHS ALUMNI" that sent it to you: I'm going on record to say ~~~>HA HA HA! You're FULL OF IT! *LOL* You're BLUFFING ALL THE WAY!!!! BUT anyway...I will tell you one thing....


Since you so VERY PUBLICALLY and VERY CLEARLY said: "I already have a copy"...What you've gone and done kid is make my point! *hehehe* Yep! You've just given testimony to the veracity of what I stated!!!!

Yee Haa!!!!

Your Honor *looking upward*.....I rest my case! *S*

Ohhhhhh Sweet Victory!!!! Thy nectar is ~balm~ to my ~*Heart and Soul*~.....



Going Once.....

Going Twice....

Case Disssssssssmissssed! *the once raised gavel makes now makes contact with the eternal desk in the sky and ~It is Finished~*

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