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It's about time the most powerful nation on this 
planet shows we will not tolerate any attacks on 
American citizens. We seem to always be willing 
to defend some foreign country while Americans 
abroad have become targets. Now maybe terrorists
will think twice before targeting Americans and 
their installations(anybody remember the WTC?).
No matter how you may feel about President Clinton
NO ONE can say that this bombing was not well 
deserved. I just hope it is a beginning to showing
other nations and their citizens that we WILL 
FIGHT BACK!!! Remember we are the only Country
on earth that beats you in a war and then spends 
our tax money to rebuild the countries that took 
American lives while anyone else would take possession
of the country and it's resources. I believe we should 
stop ANY and ALL aid to any country that helps or 
provides a refuge for terrorists.

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