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Yep! I do know it! And Yep! It would appear that you did find it. (For as much as any one person can discern that about another.) I hope everyone finds it. *S* And Yep! It's not about flowery words. Not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT...that doesn't mean that one who CAN speak with flowery words doesn't know it either. *S* To believe that would be tantamount to consciously admitting prejudice....merely by virtue of the definition of the word. I'm sure you weren't saying that though.

As for "anyone who injures, denies or excludes another human from his sphere of love and respect just hasn't found it even if his bumper sticker screams platitudes" ....well...I personally would be really careful about that part. IF one were to have supreme knowlege of what's in each and every other ~*Heart and Soul*~ and be the Master of all JUDGES AND see unpurity there...well...then I suppose you'd be correct...but I've yet to meet any ONE person with that ability. Isn't looking at everyone else and presuming to "know" what their intentions are ....the exact opposite of going Inward?????

I know, it's hard, as we're all human, and I do realize that on some level ALL of us have done it from time to time, but part and parcel of LOOKING INWARD is the realization that judgement is just not a factor in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That's not to say that one cannot ADDRESS something. Addressing and Judging....are two different entities.

Everything in life is perspective no matter how righteous or transformed someone may personally try to appear or even believe themselves to be. One can only assimilate up to the level of that which they themselves are ~at~. One can only see through their OWN eyes. matter what it still filtered through a particular (and sometimes very damaged) "personality" and so again, since everything IS really subjective perspective...who amongst us is ever REALLY worthy enough to say who has ever been an intentional injurer, denier, excluder, disrespecter.... or showed non~love? We may see what we THINK is a manifestation of that expression....but what we THINK...doesn't make it so! INTENTIONS are really everything...and unless specifically asked for...they usually remain with the do~er of the "deeds"! Even Legislation takes intentions into account when forced to ajudicate.

In the natural course of life there will always be times when unconditional love and respect and TRUTH offered.... are PERCEIVED by another (or other) parties as the opposite of it. Some....just can't handle the truth...and so they chose to judge it and call it "non-love". Well, that is their choice and it's also theirs to own up to at some point in time... just as the do~er of the judged deed(s) will have to some day own up to whether or not THEIR intentions were pure.

If I see (as you've said) a "screaming platitude" somewhere...well...if I say anything AT ALL to myself about it....I usually say something like: WOW! AMEN to that! Even if that ~Soul~ only felt that particular platitude once ....or believed that once... or understood that once ....'s still one more time than none!!!

Once is definetely more than NEVER!!!!!!

As for those "pseudo-intoxicated expressions" are I stated above, I think REALLY looking inward includes non~judgement. But...if I should happen to fall victim to it....I personally like to always give someone the benefit of the doubt. I also think that (Thank Goodness) most people today are just way too enlightened to believe (and judge) anyone else like that ...but unfortunately I'm quite sure you're right....~Spiritual~ Dinosaurs still do exist.

Whenever I'm in the sphere of a ~Spiritual~ basher...or self proclaimed judge....I just kind of take a deep breath and send em Pure Love....and I mean that sincerely. All of those Self~Righteous lablers and "platitude" despisers appear to be people who've wrapped up HATE in different clothing....

...but I think that they're really just people who are AFRAID!

Who could feel anything BUT love for someone who's AFRAID????


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