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It's funny that you mentioned Tom's River Rich. That's where my In-Laws live now and unbeknownst to them, they rocked my poor Husbands world. We were driving home from the pool at the Club House one day and with a great big smile on his face and total joy in his heart my Father-In-Law says to my husband: Wow! It won't be long before you guys can buy a home out here! (They happen to live in Holiday City which is a Retirement Village. For those that don't know, you have to be 55 to purchase a house there.)


My poor husband was SPEECHLESS!!!

Did you ever see that movie "Cocoon"???? I think it was a Ron Howard film. Anyway, every time we're at the pool there in Tom's River my mind flashes back to that scene in the movie with all of the old people at the pool jumping in and hoping to be RIVIVED! :-0

Me? In Cocoon Ville? Uh Uh! I don't think so! *LOL*


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