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You know it, and I know that you also know that I can write what I did because for the past 10 years my happiness has come from inside rather than from expecting others would affirm it for me.

I came to grips with my two alcoholic, emotionally and sometimes physically abusive parents. Part of the reason I left Staten Island was that it seemed that everything I did became their possession, leaving me with nothing.

That was a one of the driving influences. It seemed I had to keep striving to have something for myself. What I was missing was the fact that I focused on acquiring things, accolades, and achievements and not on what was most important, accepting myself and sharing that with other people.

I found it! And, I am not talking about the pseudo-intoxicated expression I see on borne-again bumpers. I am talking about the realization that we are all here on this earth to love and respect each other irrespective of race, religion, status or s*xual persuasion.

Anyone who injures, denies or excludes another human from his sphere of love and respect just hasn't found it even if his bumper sticker screams platitudes.

The SI-web postings on Columbine, the Brooklyn museum Art Show and many others convince me that StatNislanders really know how to find it and I am happy to be one of them.


Visit the StatNislander's Photo Album, buy "Undue Risk" by Jonathan Moreno and read about me in chapter 8 and 9. I tell them where I learned how to fight to uphold and protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects. Yep, I mention my community, my college and my teachers. All of them were real StatNislanders and I thank them for being.

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