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What a Great Question Marguerite! You and I are still here...LOL...but it's a GREAT question!!!

We're sooo Blessed that we're still here....and I'm so glad that we KNOW it too! We both LOVE Staten Island and we're well aware of that...but if ever GOD FORBID we were to ~slip~....and take it for granted......... sure is nice to know that we have everyone the SI WEB to re~awaken us. *S* All one has to do is read a couple of the posts here and you immediately feel that ~*Heart and Soul*~ tug from the SI Web Posters who aren't still here physically anymore. There's a hunger and thirst in all of them and it's so awesome to {{{feel}}}.

WOW! They say that Hindsight is 20/20, but being HERE is even better. It's like...early hindsight ....which I know is an oxymoron *LOL*...but it's true!!!! It's so neat having other people to talk to about people, places and things in regard to Staten Island...particularly our past.

You name it and I either belong to it, or did belong to it *S*...but ironically....most of the people I belong to these groups and things with....

...are not native Staten Islanders!

Soooo a great big Thank You to ALL of You who are Physically placed somewhere else but have your ~*Heart and Soul*~ here in Staten Island. The ~Essence~ of your AWESOME....and it continues to be a GIFT of AWARENESS to those of us still here!!!!!!!!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{Great Big Staten Island-Web Group Hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Love Ya's!


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