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Yep! Getting proofed at a bar is good one too!!!

Guess what??? I got Halloween candy 2 years ago. I got TONS of it. I walked around with my Daughter and her Friend and people kept giving her candy for her "shy friend" on the side walk! *LOL* I kept saying: Don't take it....but they didn't listen to me and always took it! *LOL*

I was particularly happy that they didn't listen to me when I got some samples of Mary Kay Cosmetics at one house! *LOL*

I got so much candy and stuff that my Daughter's girlfriend asked a lady for a bag for me and she gave me a plastic Pathmark one! *LOL*

You have no idea how funny it was and what an odd karmic twist. When I was younger I would CONSTANTLY be taken as older. While that may SOUND great...believe's not. I was 10 and they always wanted me to pay adult prices at the movies.

Us TALL people just don't have an easy life! *ROTFLOL*


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