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On 10/27/99 10:55:35 PM, sipoet wrote:
>I am typing madly because I
>have only four more minutes
>on-line because I have to call
>my brother before eleven. If I
>get more info, I'll let you
>know. Feel free to email me.
>Sorry for the typos.
>Marguerite-Hello and bless you-I am weeping right now at reading your wonderful replies to me-how generous of you to do all this research. My heart has been burdened for this home all of my life, my dream is to one day re-build it. I would love to correspond further with you-are you still living on that landfill? So sad to see it now!
So much tragedy for my family. My father was murdered on Richmond Ave. and Arthur Kill Rd 11 yrs ago, and although I held on to a little patch of rural in Rossville at the time, I just couldn't take it there any more and off to the Catskills we went. Could we have known each other Margurerite, living so close-are you my age? Where can I find this book you mention? Thanks again and bless you-Debra

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