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I noticed an obituary the other day for Robert Quinn, 72. He was the person who produced the Johnny Carson show, not using the verb in its technical theatrical sense, as I'm not sure I know exactly what the producer does, or means. I'm not sure anybody really does. At any rate, Bob Quinn won an Emmy for his work in putting all the pieces together so that the Carson show ("The Tonite Show")could be as entertaining as it was for three decades.

The last time I spoke to my Curtis '58 reunion rep, he asked me if I remembered Mr. Quinn.

The drama teacher? The guy who directed the Senior Play?

Yeah, that's him.

I remember him, he put on "Arsenic and Old Lace," our Senior Play, the one in which I played Mr. Witherspoon, the last guy to be served the elderberry wine as the curtain fell, and then it was curtains, as the wine was spiced with the Devil's brew. I remember Quinn telling us, when we fell dead, not to fall with the soles of our feet facing the audience, as that always draws a laugh, audience staring at the soles of feet, and that wasn't what was intended. Pretty clever, I thought, this guy knows his stuff. Who woulda thunk that. Not me, fer sure.

He also looked the other way when some of the guys brought in the beer, my friend said, or did he say Quinn brought in the beer, I don't remember now. At any rate, it's the same Bob Quinn, I have no doubt.

Imagine that. Guy gets tired of putting on Curtis productions and winds up with Carson where he puts all that knowledge to use and winds up wid an Emmy.

Three cheers for Bob Quinn, Mr. Quinn, beer and all.


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