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On 10/28/99 11:15:50 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>I've been in Florida for
>almost 15 years and almost
>nobody can tell I'm from New
>York. However, if I get angry
>at something, the Noo Yawkah
>comes storming out! Not that
>I get angry that often.

My family teases me about being Dr Jeckyll/Ms Hyde. When I drive anywhere outside of NY (even Boston -- where drivers are far worse than New Yorkers), I'm laid-back and nothing bothers me. BUT, as soon as I'm in NY - especially SI, my whole personality changes -- I turn into a NY driver! I can drive with the best of them and the words that come out of my mouth, oh my! My son once looked at me during one such incident and asked "who are you and what have you done to my mother?"

It just goes to show that you can take a person out of Staten Island but you can't take SI out of the person.


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