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On 10/28/99 10:56:01 PM, MM5168 wrote:
>You make some good points,
>however, just remember,
>smoking will kill you,

So will a multitude of other things

>it makes your fingers yellow,

I have been smoking for about 23 years and don't have yellow fingers, the yellow fingers happen from smoking NON filtered cigarettes

>it makes your home smell, it
>makes your clothes stink,
But if you're a smoker you don't smell it and if you do it doesn't bother you.

>it makes you cough in the
>morning, spitting up phlegm,

After 23 years I don't do this either.

>it bothers other people,
>possibly some who are allergic
>to it,

Lots of things that people do bother other people like doing 30mph in the left lane. Again if you are TRULY allergic and you ask politely 99.999% of smokers will put them out

>it makes your car
>smell, it makes my car smell
>by you being it with your
>smoke-filled clothes.

Again the "smell" doesn't affect the smoker. If your car smells after someone sits in it WITHOUT lighting a cigarette, then either you have an amazing sense of smell, or it's all in your mind.

>On the other hand, I can't
>think of one good thing that
>smoking does for you, not one
>thing. Perhaps you can
>enlighten me?

Nicotine IS a stimulant but it HAS been shown as having a calming affect on the people that smoke it, so for people like me who are.. uh ... shall we say a little .. uh.. high strung it keeps our nerves calm.

I have a T-shirt that says:
The Surgeon General has determined that harassing me about my smoking can be hazardous to YOUR health!!!

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