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"The Tech Rep" by James Michener; Continued

"But no amount of disillusion or ill treatment is sufficient to turn a tech rep away from women. I have never known a misogynist among them. They bounce from one disaster to the next with a kind of animal joy, and the man whose former Chinese mistress runs off with twelve thousand dollars one day, is lending his new Japanese mistress fourteen thousand the next. The scars of love these men bear are not psychological; many have been cut with knives or broken bottles. Two that I knew had been shot by their unstable wives. One had been fed ever-increasing doses of poison until he protested, This is either sour or poisoned, and I bought the GD stuff yesterday. But at the trail he refused to testify against his wife. When it developed that three of her earlier husbands had died mysteriously-all having been partial to oatmeal- he said simply, Sometimes a guy gets out just in time. He told me this in a hut in northern Thailand, where his Siamese mistress had learned how to make oatmeal from the boxes of the cereal he scrounged from the United States army base outside Bangkok."

To be continued.

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