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On 10/29/99 5:24:56 AM, patos wrote:
"Geesh who made you Den Mother? Sorry if I don't follow your rules I guess I'm a Baaaaad
Boy. The thing I thought was silly is your reaction to a simple post. STILL DO! Take a
chill pill,sniff a sweaty gym sock, or whatever but calm down."

"You'll never get those red shoes"

patos....Why are you continuing to hold on so fiercly? You remind me of a little bull dog! LOL Why is this so important to you? It was finished. It was finished a few posts ago.

This is becoming something else entirely different.

You know quite well what this started out as. I posted something which essentially called everyone to the front line to respond about the improprieties of something previously posted about the Orphan Train. That post was without a doubt DISCLOSURE WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY. It was...and it remains so. I proved that *S*....and all without one iota of serious or legitimate rebuttal! *S*

I guess the Truth is hard to refute heh? *VBS*

Are your strings still being pulled? (Yes, we all know.)

Why don't you reclaim your authority my Friend and speak for yourself the Man that I know you can be!!!!!

You sound hurt. I'm truly sorry to read/feel that. I did not mean to hurt you. There is no emotion in any of this for me. The original "debate" or "discussion" was meant to be carried on WITH CONTENT. You offered none. All you brought to the table were blind loyalty and a lot of name calling. I quickly saw the ~place~ where you were and released you to be that person. I did that ....several times in fact! *LOL* Now it's time for you to understand that and ~let go~.

Just~~~Let~~~~Go! *S*

Please understand, there is no judgement here. You are at the ~place~ you are (and your post very clearly shows where that ~place is *S*) and I am at the ~place~ that I am. They're just not in the same realm.

I didn't put forth the above did.

You did. *S*

patos....the above post is in YOUR words and they're now here for ALL to read. Please, read them. They'll teach you much about who you are. {{{Embrace them}}} for they truly are, who you ARE!!!!

I'm sorry to say this My Friend but...

"WHO YOU ARE screams so loudly.....I can't hear what you say." *S*

I repeat ....

I acknowledge and accept you JUST as you ~are~.

Perhaps it's time you did the same.

Love & Light~*


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