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patos....The issue that we're talking about is far from "silly". For starters, if it were "silly", then why did your local paper run an article on it? Secondly, I wasn't even talking about the subject of the article. Please refer to the title of the TOPIC. My post was about "DISCLOSURE AND RESPONSIBILITY"...or the lack there of. This IS a DISCUSSION forum is it not? I was referring to the irresponsible presentation of "information". I made a number of very valid points too which you're obviously not able to address for one reason or another. *S* You did not give your "impressions of what you read" you made specific statements about it. Statements that, as I clearly pointed out, were completely erroneous. An impression is one's own perception. A fact is traceable.

You said that you: "don't understand"...and believe me when I tell you that.....

I believe you. *VBS* I really do.

I suppose you're also trying to say that in Ohio: "I don't understand what got your panty hose bunched up to begin with." Followed by: "fly away" is an example of "humor". I guess we'll just have to bring that one before the court of public opinion then as I happen to be a Staten Island girl who was raised to see it quite differently.

Anyway, as I said before.....

It's o.k. I accept you right where you ~are~!

That's obviously all you can be *S* (more so now than ever.)

Love & Light~* to You and Yours~~~


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