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On 10/28/99 9:49:10 PM, sipoet wrote:
>I would absolutely adore a
>Staten Island Web Gathering.
>Wouldn't it be cool if we
>could hook up some kind of
>long distance link for the
>people who can't make it in
>person. Don't big corporations
>do some kind of
>videoteleconferencing or is
>that just in the movies.
>Maybe we could get some rich
>Staten Island entrepreneur
>type to hook us up for old
>time island sake.

sipoet....Ohhhh YES!!! I'm glad you like the idea! I really do think that it would be FANTASTIC! I've had this idea for quite a while now!!! Wanna work on the planning of it with me???? Heck!!! We can all chip in ideas!!! I've already got a couple of ~ideas~ up my sleeve! *LOL*

Shoot! We live near each other so we can even chat about it on the phone if we want!!! *SSSS*


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