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This list business is getting more and more confusing, as it's so hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones.

Let's see:

Schindler's List, that was a good list, unless you were a Nazi.

But when a boat floats off-kilter, we say it lists. That's bad.

Think I'm gonna hafta make a list of lists, da good ones and da bad ones.

What I need is a good list-maker to ease the task, 'cuz think there must be lotsa lists floating around. Maybe a computerized list maker, or a whole list website, to contain all of the world's knowledge, in list form.

Think of all the time we can save, just looking up whatever we want on some list. We won't have to bother even thinking about anything any more.

Let's see. Just thought of another list!

Coming to you straight from offa da mountain!

Da Ten Commandments!

Top Dat!!

-rs :)

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