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On 10/28/99 6:17:20 PM, patos wrote:
"Huh? This information has been on the web for awhile. From reading it it was written
by the people involved or their survivors to be published. I think these people wanted their story told."

"Can't wait till it gets dark to see what phase the MOON is in LOL"

patos....on many an occasion (most in fact) loyalty is an extremely admirable quality. It shines A LOT less though when it becomes eclipsed by an obvious lack of knowledge. I will give you one thing least your post wasn't a CUT & PASTE job from somewhere else on the web! *ROTFLOL*

I now present a few facts for clarification:

A) While the "post" being bantered about was PRESENTED by one of the SI WEB posters it was in all actuality the work of one "CONNIE DIPASQUALE". No where in the Copy & Paste presentation did I see her name.

B) You stated: "This information has been
on the web for awhile." virtue of exactly what source do you state THAT "information"??? ROTFLOL I read the article (at it's place of origin on the web I might add) and I have yet to see where it states ANY "begining" date of presentation. It kinda makes "has been on the web for a while" quite a presumptuous say the least! Perhaps that's why you "LOL'd" at the end of your post. I know I did too! *ROTFLOL*

Ooooorrrrr Maybe you personally contacted Ms. Dipasquale and you two had a chat about it all???? If so.....PLEASE.....DO TELL!!!! I'd love to hear about it. LOL

C) You stated: "From reading it it was written by the people involved or their survivors to be published."

So ahhhhh....which is it? LOL Are you saying that you read it and that it was "written by the people involved"....


...are you saying that it was written by "their survivors to be published"???

I dunno but that "OR" of yours sounds awfully like a Freudian ~slip up~ to me! LOL

How could you have READ the article and not know if it was written by the people involved OR the survivors???? ROTFLOL

Just to let you know....

The article that was COPIED & PASTED in here CLEARLY SAYS (smack dab at the beginning of it I might add):


"Orphan Trains of Kansas" is contributed by CONNIE DIPASQUALE."

In the section on ANNA'S STORY....Ms. DiPasquale went on to VERY CLEARLY say: (And this is a DIRECT copy & paste from it for ya LOL) "Anna passed away June 8, 1968".

Did that bit of information happen to ~skip~ by your eyes while you were READING the article???? *ROTFLOL* Talk about the one that got away! LOL

D) You said: "I think these people wanted
their story told." O.k.! Now who exactly is the "I" that's doing this particular thinking? LOL Is it the COPY & PASTER??? Is it Ms. Di Pasquale who really wrote the article? Is it Anna channeling through you or something! *LOL* If it's YOU....well....why would you have to "think" about it at all? If you had READ the article like you tried to imply that you did, you'd have KNOWN that the subjects of it were deceased.

E) As for whether or not their SURVIVORS wanted the article published....PAHLEEZ!!!! Ms. DiPasquale's article is replete with the phrase "there is very little information available" and that is one amongst a number of others of a similar nature.

As for what phase the Moon is happens to be in what's know as a "Disseminating Phase". And ....LOL....You don't need it to be DARK to know that....

...but then again...your entire post has been from the perspective of one who is "IN THE DARK" so....LOL...


Really! Thanks for the LAUGHS! *ROTFLOL*

~Deep Sweeping Bow~ To Ya!

(BTW that ~bow~ was done ONLY the way a ~MOON~Lady can! *ROTFLOL*)

Make of that WHATEVER you want! *ROTFLOL*

Anyway....I said it in my first post and I reiterate it now even more so. That information was not presented with the proper discretion.

~*Donna*~ a.k.a ~*Moonlady*~

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