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It's quite shocking to be catching up on some of the back posts here and actually see a post with specific names and addresses mentioned in it.

Gina....Was there no other way to get this information to sipoet?

I know. We're living in a world today where information of all kinds is right at our fingertips.....LITERALLY...but sincerely...that does not mean that we have to run amok with it.

In my estimation, posting the names, addresses and personal information of people who literally came from (and may still be in) our own back yard ....was highly inappropriate to say the least.

The people in this story are REAL PEOPLE with REAL HEARTS and REAL SOULS and REAL LIVES. This was THEIR information to either give....

...or not give.

I think we would have gotten the gist of what the Staten Island Orphan Train was all about quite well WITHOUT all of the personal data.

At the core of every human being there is a inner child. It's a very sacred place and for some (unfortunately) a very scared place. At some point in ALL of our lives I'm quite sure that we've all felt a twinge of being "left out" or "alone". I'm also sure that there were times in our lives when we've all experienced the feeling of "exposure". If you let yourself think back, you'll recall that neither feeling is wonderful.

Maybe we were in grade school and we got a test mark that we weren't exactly proud of. Maybe we got scolded for talking when we shouldn't have. Maybe we weren't chosen for a team in Gym Class. Maybe we we got free lunch. I don't know! We could "maybe" forever. As I'm sure we all know, the possibilities are endless, but they aren't really important anyway. The feelings of those involved however...ARE important.

Would any of YOU want the details of your most private matters posted somewhere without your knowledge or permission? I know I wouldn't.

If the Orphan Train truly is a part of Staten Island History, (and apparently it is) then it is only right and proper that the story be told...but that story does not need the very personal and ab~soul~utely identifying tid bits of information about people whom, to the best of my knowledge did not give their permission for such a revelation.

I know. The information came from the web. Child pornography comes from the web too.....

....but does that make it RIGHT??????

There is nothing negative about being either an Orphan or an Adoptee, but it IS personal information and I firmly believe that any specifics in that domain are the property of the party(ies) they belong to.

As I said, I've been out of the house in the last few days much more than I've been in, so I'm just about catching up with the new posts here but I can't deny that I WAS surprised to see that no one else posted a reaction to the publishing of someone else's personal information.

Am I the only one who feels this way about it?


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