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On 10/27/99 11:37:56 AM, hrwhite wrote:
> Now that is a scary thought.
>I'm thinking of creating an AA
>(Anonymous Anonymous) web site
>that will help Anonymous
>posters overcome their fear of
>identifying themselves. A 12
>step program that will help
>them with their, I'm afraid to
>identify myself problem.

Harry.....LOL Yep! Scary is right!!!! Your intentions in trying to help the Anonymous posters overcome "their fear of identifying themselves" is quite honorable, but I think in lieu of what they post *ROTFLOL*'s actually quite UNDERSTANDABLE.

What we really have to do is get them to elevate their IQ and drop the mean spiritedness! I think a more appropriate therapy might be something like offering free tutoring and a couple of reminders of ~INSTANT KARMA~! *S*


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