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On 10/27/99 9:30:46 PM, Toddity wrote:
>Anyone in here live near these
>roads, I grew up in that
>neighborhood. Having childhood
>flashbacks of the area, really
>miss SI.

Hey Toddity!

We never seem to meet up with one another at the same time! LOL It's like it's a Cosmic Plot! *S*

Re your Question about the Neighborhood you grew up in: I'm not familiar with Vista Ave but if you tell me what town it's in, I'd be more than happy to take a picture of it for you! *S* It's not like seeing it "live"...but it's the next best thing! *S* You can drop me an E-mail with the details if you're interested.

If I could do streaming video on my web site...I WOULD!!!!! *S*

Long time no ~chat~! How goes it????


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