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On 10/28/99 6:59:19 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>The more I read some of these
>posts, the more homesick I
>The crowdedness, the bustle,
>all of it. I miss it. :(
>Oh, oh. I feel an impromptu
>visit coming on.

Awwww DJ My Friend!!!! {{{{{Great Big Staten Island HUGGIE WUGGIES to You!!!!}}}}

Don't get homesick...but Please Do feel free to {{{{COME HOME}}}} again! *S* Us? Together? In the same room???? *LOL* Poor little Staten Island will never be the same again! *ROTFLOL*

In all honesty though, just as I said to you in our AOL chat this morning....for quite a while now I have been thinking of putting together an SI GATHERING. Maybe we could all do it sometime in DECEMBER. You know, around the Holidays! *S* It doesn't have to be anything big or fancy shmancy....just a ~GATHERING~ of FRIENDS for some chit chat! *S* There are a number of us here that are STILL Staten Islanders and in a's really silly that we haven't all gotten {{{TOGETHER}}}} yet. *S*

Sooooo Nick, Bob K., sipoet, many that I can't think of right now and of course all of YOU ~Silent Ones~ ....WHADDYA THINK???? We could ~Gather~ at the Diner or something and chat over a cup of coffee! *S* Now wouldn't that just be the QUINTESSENTIAL SI ~GATHERING~ Place???? *S*

And for those that aren't living on Staten Island anymore....You'd of course always be there in ~Spirit~! *S* PLUS...don't forget about the joy of PHOTOGRAPHY! *S*

I'm just putting it out on the ~TABLE~ now...for everyone's consideration. If you feel even vaguely can let me know and we can go from there! *S*


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