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Oh Debra,
I hit paydirt on the Captain Cole House. I found mention of the owner in Leng & Davis' Staten Island and Its People. After a fairly extensive genealogy about the Cole family (they settled in New Amserdam 1639, purchased land in Staten Island in 1664, had an extensive farm in Prince's Bay in the next two generations, we come to your Cole.
"Abraham, third of the family (of Abraham and Abigail Johnson Cole), was born November 19,1778 and died October 18, 1833. By occupation a sea captian, he undertook voyages chiefly to southern ports, and was engaged in trade for many years. His wife was Ann (Johnson ) Cole, born October 8, 1782 or 1783, died April 11, 1863. They had several children one of whom was Abraham, born september 23, 1810 died September 14, 1876.
The last named Abraham, of the seventh generation, resided in the family homestead adjacent to athe old church at Woodrow. He acquired a common schooling and athen became interested in his father's pursuit . At the age of twenty one he took command of packet schooners sailing for southern ports and at lenght gained a large interest and thereby a considerable fortune in numerous vessels. In 1856 he retired from marine life and established near Tottenbille a coal and lumber business which was later to be conducted by his sons. His marriage took place on sept. 30, 1840 to Anna M. Dissosway, daughter of Cornelius Dissosway, likewise of pioneer forebears on Staten Ilsnad. They had four sons and a daughter. "
The article goes on to name all of their children.

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