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On 10/25/99 11:25:28 PM, MM5168 wrote:
>I, in my entire 43 years on
>this planet, never came out of
>a restaurant or bar with my
>clothes smelling, my lungs
>wheezing and my breath
>smelling because of people
Fact is, smoking not
>only ruins your life, but it
>ruins my clothes, too.

Very true, drinking doesn't ruin your clothes -- UNTIL you leave the bar and the guy that drank a little too much runs you down with his car and you get dragged 20 feet.

>unless you are extremely
>self-centered and totally
>don't care about others, you
>really wouldn't want to do
>that, would you?

Well isn't it a little self centered to want to stop other people from doing something just because your clothes smell?
They DO make laundry detergent and washing machines you know.

>In my
>opinion, they should ban
>smoking, but that wouldn't
>work, history shows that.

Very true again, there have even been riots in prisons over smoking. Obviously, you can only take so much freedom away from someone before there is a problem.

>People are going to smoke, no
>matter what. I say, just take
>a gun and shoot yourself, get
>it over with. Why make
>everyone suffer because you
>are a weak individual?

I happen to enjoy smoking, so it has nothing to do with weakness, but lets extend on you theory. Since drinking, eating red meat, breathing the air, and so on are all bad for you, everyone that does these things should shoot themselves huh? Great idea, how about the death penalty for parking tickets?
"Everyone" is NOT suffering, but if YOU feel YOU are, then maybe YOU should stay out of places where people smoke. YOU talk about smoker's being selfish, but read what YOU have written again, and maybe YOU'LL see whose being selfish. I have NEVER seen ANY smoker refuse to put out a cigarette when asked POLITELY. Myself and others have continued to smoke when asked ONLY when the the question was preceded by a lot of arm waving, whining to other companions, and worst of all the ridiculous fake coughing. If you want something, ASK --POLITELY, and you'll be amazed at the results. Don't go in a restaurant and sit in the smoking section and think this will work though.

>By the
>way, I smoked close to 2 packs
>a day for 12 years, and quit
>about 13 years ago. So it can
>be done.
Congratulations, but because YOU quit means everyone else should too hmmm..... This is starting to sound like selfishness to me, but not to YOU of course. Nobody said it couldn't be done, you wouldn't believe the things a person can do -- IF THEY WANT TO!!!!! Forcing a person to do what YOU want them to do, JUST DOESN'T WORK!!!!! It is also UNAMERICAN!!! Remember the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I LIKE TO SMOKE, so you not liking it should have no bearing on my pursuit of happiness.
As far as being a "former" smoker, remember the old saying: "there's NOTHING worse than a reformed whore"

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