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I didn't have a pogo stick, but I made me a pair of stilts one summer (1963 I think) out of a couple of 2X4s. I went everywhere on them. It wasn't long before the other kids in the neighborhood made their own.

We also had homemade skateboards, fashioned out of a piece of scrap wood with a dismantled clamp-on metal skate screwed to the bottom. We lived in Mariners Harbor (near Wallerstein's factory) and "surfed" the streets (or trestles, as we called them) that went over the railroad tracks.

The real excitment came when we would sneak into the Jewish Cemetery (Forest Avenue?) and surf all the way down the long, smooth paths. We could really fly down the hill and the wipeouts were spectacular. As I recall, one of the gang broke his arm when he crashed into a headstone. It was dusk, and he swore he saw the image of an old white-haired lady, dressed in white, standing right in the middle of the path! He swerved to avoid her and wiped-out. Even though he was hurting, I don't think it slowed him down one iota as we fled the scene in terror.

We went back a few times after that, but we were always scared. Several of the guys claimed they saw the "Lady in White" again, but I tend to think our imaginations got the better of us.

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