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A decade ago, when the $ was falling against
the yen, I was in Yamato, Japan. During my
stay the hotel rate stayed the same in yen,
but with each drop in the $, after the
exchange rate, the room rate became more
expensive. personnel kicked back the 1st
expense report because they wanted to know
why the hotel rates (in $) was going up. We
finally got into a discussion on international
monetary fund & rate exchange. Finally I was
asked to get a written explanation from the
hotel manager, which I did. Back came
another zinger: "The letter is in
Japanese....." I replied: "They are funny
over here, they insist on doing business in
there native tongue!" I was requested to get
it translated. As such, our corp.
headquarters had an office in Tokyo. So I
took the paper work to them. They shook
their head in disbelieve, they said they
would contact my div. CEO. Shortly after
that I received a terse note: "Approved, you
really did

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