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Each year, as we have done for the past 3 years, we head to one of the best haunted places in our area, which serves as one of the best Cajun HomeStyle restaurants around. We do go during the year, but there is something quite special about being there for Halloween. Two years ago during a visit (not on Halloween) the spirit of Will appeared while a young girl was using the restroom. To say the least, the girl ran out of the restroom, pulling her pants up and screaming!! On another occasion, while we were there, lights went out in the hallway. After a few moments, the lights came back on.

On another occasion, we watched as a table where a family of 4 dinned, elevated. Believe me EVERYONE examined that table to find no "earthly reason" for it.

When the waitress's are questioned about the occurrences, they say "oh, it happens so often we barely notice".

Here's some information I dug up... for your reading pleasure.

Waxahachie is a quiet, slow-paced little town in north-central Texas. This community boasts the largest number of historic homes on both national and state registers in Texas. Nestled on a quiet, shady street is the Victorian home that is today the Catfish Plantation. Besides being the birthplace of the late professional baseball legend, Paul Richards, it is also a great place to feast on Cajun-style catfish -- and wait for the occasional slamming door, chiming broken clock, flying coffee cup, or just a transient icy spot that moves around.

The house was built in 1895 and continued as a private residence for many decades. It has served as a restaurant under three different owners, including the present proprietors.

Melissa and Tom Baker opened Catfish Plantation in 1984, after totally refurbishing the interior and creating three separate, cozy dining areas, two with working fireplaces, all decorated with charming Victorian flair.

Psychics and parapsychologists have identified three distinct entities responsible for the spooky happenings in this otherwise delightful restaurant. All three died in the house. Caroline, an older woman who died in the 1970s, is most likely the cantankerous spirit. Will, formerly a farmer, is the quietest of the three and seems to enjoy just standing at a window or the door and looking out. Then there is Elisabeth, who died in the 1920s on her wedding day. The story goes that she was waiting for her father to pick her up for the ceremony when someone came into the house and strangled her. Elisabeth is probably the one who likes to "reach out and touch" a guest every now and then.

The Catfish Plantation is cited in at least two compendiums of haunted places in the United States. Besides being a great place to look for ghosts, the restaurant has received very high marks from local critics for its Cajun catfish, home-style vegetables, and knock-out cobblers and bread pudding. Ghostly antics are not a daily occurrence, but reading the guest journal during your short wait to be seated may give you some clues as to the focal point of events within the house.


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