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'Twas the night before Y2K,
And all through the nation,
We anticipated The Bug,
The Millennium fixation.

The chips were replaced
In computers with care,
In hopes that ol' Bugsy
Wouldn't stop there.

While some folks could think
They were snug in their beds;
Others had visions
Of mayhem in their heads.

And Pa with his laptop,
And I with my Mac
Logged on to the 'Net
Then kicked back with a snack.

When over the server,
There arose such a clatter
I called ol' Bill Gates
To see what was the matter.

But my call went to voice mail,
So I flew like a flash
Straight to my bank
To withdraw all my cash.

When what with my anxious eyes
Should I see?
My trusty old Mac
Looked quite sickly to me!

That master of all hackers
Was looking so smug,
I knew instantly
It was that Y2K Bug!

His image downloaded
In no time at all,
His words then exploded,
"Let ALL systems fall !"

Go Intel ! Go Gateway !
Now HP ! Big Blue !
Everything Compaq,
And Pentium, too!

All processors big,
All processors small,
Crash away! Crash away!
Crash away all!

All the system controls
Planes need for their flights
All microwaves, trains . . .
And all traffic lights.

As I drew in my breath
And was turning around,
Out through the modem,
He came with a bound.

He was covered with static,
And slung on his back
Was a sackful of virus,
Set for attack.

His eyes - how they twinkled!
His dimples - how merry!
As midnight approached, though
Things soon became scary.

He had a broad little face
And a round little belly,
And his sack filled with virus
Quivered like jelly.

He was jolly and plump,
Perpetually grinning,
And I laughed when I saw him
Though my hard drive stopped spinning.

With a wink of his eye,
And a twist of his head,
I was given to know
The deepest feeling of dread.

He spoke not a word,
But went straight to his work,
He changed all the clocks,
Then turned with a jerk.

With a twitch of his nose,
And a quick little wink,
All things electronic
Soon went on the blink.

He zoomed from my system,
To the next folks online,
He caused such disruption,
There arose a great whine!

Then I heard him exclaim,
With a loud, hearty shout,
"Happy Y2K to all,
This is just the FIRST bout!"

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