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Along these lines, let me relate a true story:

During the gas crisis in the 70's, I had a big Ford V-8 that got about 5 miles to the gallon. Since I had a 50 mile commute, I was spending all my free time waiting on gasoline station lines to tank up.

I hated to give the car up, but I put it up for sale on the office's bulletin board. All I wanted was $200, just to recoup the money I had recently spent on tires for this gashog. I never thought anyone would buy it...big cars at this time were a headache, and this one was no creampuff.

A lady engineer called me within an hour and said she wanted the car. Since I knew her, I made sure she knew that the car was a gashog and not too pretty to look at. She said she didn't care, she wanted it. Hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth? I pocketed the $200 and gave her the keys and the title.

About a week later, I saw her drive up to work in her small Honda Civic. Just to rub it in, I asked why she wasn't driving the big Ford to work? She replied: "Oh, I don't drive it anywhere. After I filled up that big 40 gallon tank, I just leave it in my driveway and siphon gas into my Honda once every couple of weeks...I haven't been to a gas station in 2 months!"

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