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I guess I could rephrase it and make one big run-on sentence cause that would make some happy but that would be very confusing for some to read so then do we please the masses or just please a single few I guess that has been the question for a very long time since not everyone will agree with everything everyone has to say cause I guess in the long run that is what fundamentally makes us all individuals we aim to please others but to what extent do we stifle our own creativity based on what others want or expect cause i guess that goes back to the Guiliani post from a few weeks ago you can't always expect to see read and hear only what you want cause then someone else will not get the information they need or want and if there are no lists in life then there is no order and a world without order is chaos and I can't bear a chaotic world cause then I wouldn't know which shoe belongs on which foot cause I put my shoes on in a particular order and then if I can't put my shoes on then I can't go to work because the only dress code at my job is that we have to wear shoes and then if I can't go to work then I wont get paid and then I will live in the street if I live in the street I won't have my internet access and I won't be able to read all the amazing posts on this site and then I won't be half as smart as the anonymous posters and that's pretty sad cause they ain't that bright to start with. WHOOOOO glad I got that out now i need a nap or a cold shower.

Any questions? OMG, I M LMAO WOW. (I am laughing my @ss off without whining!)

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