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On 10/24/99 6:34:33 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Oh, Sorry Jim,
>Let me LIST how that makes me
>1. Sorry.
>2. Really sorry.
>3. Really, really sorry.
>4. Somewhat ashamed.
>5. Disgusted with myself.
>6. Suicidal
>7. Homicidal....

Hey, Bob!

Let me list what's happened here:

1. You implied that there are too many lists on this board.
2. DJ asked you to explain that.
3. I said I thought you were talking about lists like this.
4. She posted a list.
5. I pointed out that it was a list.
6. Now she's feeling homicidal. About me, I suppose. Even though I had said in #3 above that I'm not bothered very much by lists.
7. I am consequently going about my daily business in great fear of grievous bodily harm, if not for my life.
8. What is my legal position here?
9. What is yours?

Jim Donnelly
Hyattsville, Maryland

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