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We were involved in Indo China in WW II. At one time Ho Chin Min was an alley against the Japanese. He had a vision for an independent Indio China after WWII based upon our Declaration Of Independence. The French did not want to give up their hold on Indo China. As an alley we supported the French. We had "advisors" in that region after WW II. As such every administration from Rooselvelt thru Nixon had an involvement. In 1954 when I enlisted we had advisors there. I volunteered for one of those assignments. Right, wrong or indifferent I was not chosen.

When the French lost we stepped in. In was stated that one of the reasons that they lost was because of their strategy of building compounds to control the country. Our policy makers stated we would not make the same mistake. Well we did.

Whats the point of all this. It is just to point out that our government, both Democratic & Republican, had a hand in this debacle.

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