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On 10/24/99 10:13:28 PM, hmstdboy wrote:
>Thanx for reminding me, I've
>been meaning to ask. Is there
>an easy way to get rid of the
>3000+ messages that greet me
>upon sign-on? It would be
>nice to enter the new
>millennium with no messages

Yesss! I just did it! I had 4,355 unread messages. LOL

hmstdboy.....look up above and click on the "Mark All Read" button. Then you come to a new window which gives you a choice of either "marking" ALL categories as read or choosing which categories you want to apply the feature to. It works like a charm. I'm now at 0!!!

Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa

~*Donna*~ a.k.a ~*Moonlady*~

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