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Jerry, our veteran tech rep received a radio message...his mother had died and he needed to go back to the U.S. to handle the details.

Jerry hadn't been back to America in over ten years, and probably hadn't been in any "civilized" place for more than 24hours over the same period of time.

We brought him down from the mountain and got him started on the long trip would take 2days before he could get to an international airport where they had flights back to the states.

In a way, we envied him...we were all suffering a little bit from homesickness and cabin fever... most civilian tech reps rarely have anything to do with the US military overseas and do not have the luxury of using the "Little America" on the US bases that are set up throughout the world.

Two weeks later, we got the word to go down to the nearest airfield and pick Jerry up...he was on his way back. We got down to the airfield and waited for his flight...a DC3(?) out of Athens.

The plane unloaded and here he came...we ran up and greeted him and asked was it back in the states?

"It cost me $2.40 for @#$%^$#'n Ham and Eggs at the DC airport." ....That was it!

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