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On 10/24/99 7:32:22 PM, JR wrote:
>I always knew you were a
>(M-OO-N)lady (|) LOL
>JR ;-)

Ohhhhh JR! You have no idea HOW much a ~*Moonlady*~ ~I AM~!!! *LOL*

O.k.! I'm out of the closet! You guys know I'm an Astrologer. ~*Moonlady*~ is my Professional name. (At least for that profession anyway! *LOL*)

Wanna see my ~Logo~ JR? I designed it myself! *S* I even have my ~M~OO~N~ showing! *LOL*

~*Donna*~ a.k.a ~*Moonlady*~

Here it is! I hope you like it! *S*

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