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Yer right, CJ, bigtime.

Let's see, what I think I was trying to get at by referring to Nixon and his bandit regime (I voted for him, over McGovern. Last Republican I ever voted for.) was the idea that thanks to him, we found out that the Emperor had no clothes.

Until Nixon, we were content to believe in our elected leaders, thinking that they were somehow wiser than we poor mortals. When Nixon told us on tv that he wasn't a crook and we all started laughing, the game was up. Then we found out what kind of guy JFK was, and LBJ.

If ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.

Today we're wiser, but less blissfully ignorant.

Linking JFK, LBJ, & RMN, illustrates McNamara's point that our Vietnam involvement was the result of a world view exemplified by the generation that survived WWII.

The hippie generation that followed, and which is now in the leadership position (e.g. Clinton, Gore) is still in conflict with the more traditional values exemplified by McCain.

Will there ever be a melding of the two conflicting world views?

Maybe in the next generation.

There will be a next generation, won't there?


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