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The greatest thing I remember about him is so fresh in

my 77yr old mind. He had the courage to put a grand

opera on the stage of the Curtis High School Auditorium in

the late thirties.

No one who participated in that grand show will ever forget

it. We made the costumes, he hired a professional make up

artist and rehearsed us and rehearsed us.

We had a great dress rehearsal all decked out in our gear

the day of the first performance. During the time between

rehearsal and show we wandered out to eat and I recall

sitting on the curb in front of the St George theatre for a

bit of horseplay in my Egyptian outfit and startling the

population passing by. What fun!

He also had us perform at the World's Fair with the other

choirs of the city.

I honor this man for his patience and his care. He truly

could bring out the best in all.

Marcene Brown Daniels, the oldtimer

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