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Hey guys this one's real.

My wife is from Finland. They don't use the letter B very much. The sound is covered by the letter P. Any word with a B is pronounced like a P. All you guys who know Soundex will understand.

The word for a little kiss is bussi. It's common for Finnish women when being cuddily to say 'kissy, kissy'. Which in Finnish, of course becomes 'pussi, pussi'. Imagine my (American) friends consternation when during an evening of drinks one summer evening on our deck, when my visiting sister-in-law whispered jokingly friendly, smiled at him and said 'pussi, pussi'. Imagine his wife's consternation. It was hilarious!! Sister-in-law turned ruby red when she found out what it meant.

That word is stolen from the English buss. However the same word (pussi) has an additional meaning in Finnish itself. Also commonly used. It means bag. Maybe from the word purse, I don't know. But if you go shopping in Finland you will come home with a pussi full of goodies.


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