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On 10/24/99 12:03:04 AM, corsair wrote:
>Why was it that the hatred was
>vented against those who went
>& not those that sent them

You know why Corsair? It's because she was one mighty misguided soul. There's a big difference between those who want to TALK and create a SHOW and a NAME FOR THEMSELVES and those who feel they honestly and truly have a message of enlightenment. What's that expression? I think it's: "You're screaming so loudly I can't hear you." As far as I'm concerned I honestly and truly never really "listened" to anything old HJ had to say. Her presence (or lack there of) spoke volumes. I can come to grips with someone who has a different view point from mine and while I'm just as human as the next (i.e. subjective) I truly do try hard to keep an open mind just in case there is something that I personally am not aware of in the picture, but what she did was not even remotely close to giving a message or shedding any light.

No matter how you twist it or turn it, hatred from anyone, to anyone, is wrong. And just to make sure it's crystal clear, I don't hate her either. I'm disgusted by her, but I don't hate her. There's a difference.

As it has been written, there are none so blind as those who will not see....

She didn't see. She really didn't see.

I'm sure she still doesn't see.

IMHO she was operating from a place of pure EGO and that is NOT the place that any real "leader" ~comes from~. A real leader walks, stands and if necessary, does "battle", with Love, not hate.

I can't even imagine how the VietNam Vets feel about her. *shudder* It's making me upset just to once again picture her in full my minds eye. Yuck.


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