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Egads. I was trying really hard not to get into this whole Hanoi Jane business because it actually makes me ill to think about it, but, it looks like I won't be able to hold back any longer. For the record, I may be only 1 woman, but I can tell you unequivicably that Ms. Fonda is NOT and never will be, either a "leader" nor any other kind of feminine icon for ME. She is one woman with one voice and I find her no more exhaulted than any other. That's not to say that I haven't been inspired by others, because I have, but old "Jane" isn't even in the ballpark on that score.

I have eyes that can see and ears that can hear and as such I do of course have my personal opinions, but be that as it may I still try to bear in mind that for all of my good intentions, I still may not know all of the facts in any given situation. That holds true for EVERYONE. What that breaks down to is that I try hard not to judge.

Let's face it, much of what mankind knows today about the Vietnam War is the product of hindsight. Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. HOWEVER, while I do try hard NOT to judge, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see a fanatic when one is before me. The long and the short of it all is that for me, that's all "Jane" ever was....a solitary fanatic. Unfortunately there have been many of them over the course of time.

Jane Fonda was nothing more than a pampered little rich girl who thrived on attention. She's still doing it although admittedly she's gotten new "tools". What's her latest "cause"??? Oh yeah. Now I remember. It's exercise. LOL

For the record, I do think that at the core she sincerely believed in what she was doing back there in the 60's, and that she truly believed that she had "all the answers", but then again, don't we ALL think that OUR WAY is the RIGHT WAY. There's nothing wrong with someone presenting their platform but, as far as I'm concerned, that self~righteous attitude is nothing more than veiled hatred.

Who "Jane" lives with, marries, leaves, loves or sleeps with is of absolutely no interest to me what~so~ever, because as I said, I'd have to respect someone to be effected by their actions, but her pompass, self~proclaimed position of "spokesperson" DOES bug me.

Please mark THIS WOMAN as one who is NOT on "Hanoi Jane's" fan list.


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