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Jane is/was a supposedly leader in the feminist movement. She left her husband & children for Ted. Ted has stated publicly that an affair is no big deal. Jane did not leave Tom for the money. She was wealthy in her own right. So now I am to believe that we are to honor a women who left her husband & children for a new husband that chases women (which is one of the things the women's movement is against). In the 50's - no. But this is the 90's & right wrong or indifferent, in some circles Jane, Hillary, ... are in.

Viet Nam turned into a quagmire. The stone was cast in the Korean War no win policy. We had politicians who wanted to be generals & generals who wanted to be politicians. As such the generals should have gone to Georgetown & the politicians to West Point. One of the objects of war use to be to destroy the enemy. We did that to Germany & Japan. They were not allowed to have their armies retreat to a save haven (arms intact). Not so Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, & Yugoslavia.

The sad thing is we have allowed our government to be ruled by the 25%. As always they usually have not served & it is unlikely that their son's/daughter's will serve. Our constitution requires that congress vote on an act of war. But our presidents have found a loophole by just sending the troops. We have a standing president that defies the law. So in hindsight why can't the people defy Washington?

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