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I believe in the protest of the war as there were even vets who participated. The right to free speech and political protest were among the things the revolutionary war and in some cases the Vietnam war were fought. Jane Fonda and others crossed the line when they provided aid and comfort to the enemy. After the occupation by the French and Japanese Vietnam was not ready in the 60's or 70's to develop an effective democratic style government and those in power in Saigon were not the proper leaders to take the country in that direction.

The Colin Powell doctrine may be flawed if there is not an exit strategy planned into the objective. The other strategy question has got to be when the operation is over did we do any good, are the people in the locality going to be any better off when we leave, if not is it worth it to go?
Somalia and Haiti are examples to review in that light, among others.

It also must be remembered that those that went did so in a way that this nation depends on under lawfully order in the uniform of their country. It can also be said that the protesters did the same thing. Is it possible both sides of the argument were right? To me Vietnam has become the Civil War of our generation and it shouldn't be allowed to separate us in that way.


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