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Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. (BTW Your cousin must work for the 120th Precinct. My brother use to work there now he works for the 123rd in Tottenville.)

As for the Linguistic comments...while I haven't lived anywhere else BUT Staten Island I was SHOCKED to find out that my foreign friends (and by that I mean other countries as well as other states) think I have an accent. I'm accually still trying to process that because I was most assuredly under the impression that they were the ones ...ahhh....talking funny. LOL

Correction: Speaking oddly!

As for the strong ~*Heart*~ tie to Staten Island and the age 14 thing, while it's an interesting theory, I'm not quite sure I can agree with you there. I'm like you are, and I'm very much in touch with my "roots", but I happen to have a Brother who moved off the Island (to New Jersey) well after he was 14 and I don't think he gives a flying fig about it. In fact he can't seem to fathom why the rest of us in the family haven't "escaped". *shrug*

I think that from the Pyschological perspective, there will always be those of us who, no matter where we technically reside, have our ~*Heart and Soul*~ where we spent our childhood and then there and those of us who are detached from it....for a whole host of reasons.

Spiritually speaking, I personally say Blessed are they who ARE in touch with their inner child. (And for the record that's of course quite different from being child~ISH.) The inner child in all of us represents beginnings, hope, unbridled joy and innocence.


IMHO...Who amongst us can't gain from an innocent perspective??? *S*


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