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I know just how you feel. I have the same concerns about elderly people who's senses have dimmed significantly.

As for the Alcoholic Driver, you do know that he need not appear inebriated to be "drunk". All one needs to be considered as such is for they're blood level to be over the limit. Everyone thinks of an alcoholic as someone falling down drunk but that's not always the case. Someone can appear "normal" but still be legally DRUNK! If you truly do strongly suspect that this person is frequently driving while impaired ....I'd file some kind of report with with the police to get it on record. Then I'd tell this man and his wife that you did so. It may or may not stop him from driving that way, and the police still may do nothing, but you can point out that it's now a matter of record and if GOD FORBID something does happen, you have the proof that they were warned and ignored it.

Unfortunately that won't save a life as such, but it may pave the way for better legislation in this area.

All too often not only does the Drunk Driver wreck havoc and damage, but they get off scott free.


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