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Here's My Past Life Reading:

Your Sun is conjoined with Uranus.

It is very probable that you experienced the Uranian dimension between earth lives. Almost certainly the most influential of the latter was your lifetime in ancient Atlantis.
Combined with your soul sojourn in Uranus, the unusual in all forms -- especially entertainments such as sci-fi and science
fantasy -- are likely to be of special interest to you.

An extremist at times, you are exceptional, eccentric, peculiar to others and last but definitely not least, a classic Atlantean and Aquarian Age individualist. Being strong-minded to the point of too much self-sufficiency at times is also a description which applies to you.

These characteristics are all real efficiencies. With your extremist nature, they are genuinely valuable, unique
qualities which you can use for weal or woe this go 'round.

Know your ideal, letting your purposes and dealings with others always be creative and constructive (for we are ever meeting ourselves: what goes out comes back). The main purpose for our manifesting in the earth is for the glorification of God
and not just for free thinking and individualism, though we each manifest according to our own purpose.

In past lives, you probably were devoted to the cause of freedom, whether an American pioneer or leader in women's
rights like the American suffragettes in the nineteenth century, or involved in such religious freedom movements as the early
Christian Church's struggles in Rome or being instrumental in behalf of the native uprisings when the Atlanteans overran
ancient Egypt.

Your strong interest in the psychic and esoteric is such that you yourself are likely to be clairvoyant. In the
years to come, if you parallel the natural development of your higher psi faculties with studies of parapsychology,
psychological astrology and mystical traditions, you will become
more and more attuned.

These advancements are encouraged provided they are used for giving help, understanding and knowledge to others rather than for self-glorification. If used for the latter, your
psychic abilities would become a stumblingblock not only to yourself but also to many others who seek your counsel.

Your Sun is in an inharmonious aspect with Neptune.

You are very unusual, highly intuitive and psychic. You should be closely associated with those who study such phenomena from the spiritual viewpoint, rather than purely
academically, as phenomena only. You are a dreamy soul and certainly should keep a dream journal: through your dreams,
meditations and even daydream-reveries you have a natural mode of expression in which you can be a source of helpful guidance.
Through recording your dream life you can warn and guide many other people, as well as yourself.

You are highly emotional, almost obsessive at times, yet very calm at others. This shifting of feelings is rooted in
your difficulty in seeing clearly where your emotions are involved. This can result in self-deception upon occasion, and should be balanced by a focus on spiritual principles and ideals rather than metaphysical ideas.

While sincerity is a very important virtue to you, others do not always interpret your actions in this way. One reason for the disillusionment that comes with your likely
conflict between integrity and deceitfulness is your tendency to be continually seeking that which is just beyond your grasp.
This mystical, spiritual perfectionist attitude on one hand makes it difficult for projects to be completed, while on the other at times causes others to doubt both your intentions and your real abilities. In turn, you may begin to seriously doubt them too.

While going even most of your life appearing to be peculiar to other people and rarely understood, you have exceptional spiritual insight concerning soul development in the
earth plane. You are one whom others may be greatly benefited through their contact with you.

You should also stay close to water, yet not deep water like that crossed during long voyages. The water influence from Neptune will always be strong in your body-mind and will help keep you tuned to a higher spiritual consciousness.

As a writer, the kind of unusual story you might excel in would have to do with the sea on one hand, say the situation of castaways on a South Sea isle. Alternatively, you could write imaginatively about souls in a purely spiritual or holy life, such as monks, nuns, priests and others who have taken celibacy vows yet are faced with the demands of the material world.

As a remedial measure to balance out vibratorily the challenges described above, wearing the pearl would be well.


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