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On 10/22/99 8:50:40 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>So, are you saying I am not
>interesting NOW?
>Forgive me if I am a little
>sloppy. I am on my third Coke
>this morning! lol.. To lazy to
>go to the break room and make
>Dinner last night was great
>(ugh). Southwestern Style
>Hamburger Helper. Yum. Tonight
>though, dinner out. So I think
>we are doing Chinese or Steak
>House. Depends on the general
>Last week and the Friday
>before we did Mexican. We all
>had 2 too many margaritas, so
>no one can bear the thought of
>that again tonight!
>Re my past life reading... See
>next post:)
>I am thinking of getting the
>real deal done live.. What do
>ya think?

Re the Dinner: It sounds great! I had forgotten that this was Friday! YIPEE! Pizza Night! *S* The guys in Lucia's are probably expecting me! LOL

Re the "LIVE" thing: Do you mean Past Life Regression???? I think it sounds GREAT! (Heck! You know me! Of course that would sound great to me.) Did you know that Brian Weiss was in NYC recently? Yeah! I was suppose to go to his lecture with a Friend from Florida who was going to come up just for that, but then things in her life changed and I suppose mine did too. I think I told you that I have been hypnotized...but he didn't go all the way to regression. There is a way to do it yourself.

We've got to research that better! LOL


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