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On 10/21/99 10:02:51 PM, corsair wrote:
>Tried it. Answer me the
>How did I get from Atlantis to
>Staten Island via Germany &
>How did my wife get from China
>to Brooklyn via Norway?

ahahahhaha So you're a Past Life Atlantian heh???? You must have your Natal Uranus conjunct your natal Sun then. (No jokes from the peanut gallery about the Uranus!) Guess what? We might have known each other then! LOL I too was an "Atlantian"! Maybe I'll post my report! *LOL*

As for the HOW TO...well...that's why they call it a PAST LIFE REPORT. You were obviously incarnated in a different place this go around. Then'd have to heh since Atlantis did the Bye Bye thing! *LOL*

Remember ONE THING as you read your report: Even TRADITIONAL Science says: Energy cannot be created nor can only change form. Keep that in mind as you try to assimilate the concept presented.


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